Homedics EnviraScape Silver Springs Fountain

Modern life and business can be really stressful and exhausting, so many people working in big cities can’t wait for their summer holiday because they finally to get some rest and relax in some remote and quiet place where they can recharge their batteries for another whole year. I, for example, like going in the forest and listening to the natural sounds there, especially the sound of the river passing over the rocks. It is so calming and reinvigorating. But if I can’t get to the forest, I can get the same result with this Homedics EnviraScape Silver Springs Fountain and also at home.


This water fountain is the perfect outdoor accessory for your garden or patio and it is actually a stylized version of a natural spring you can find in the forest. It has Chinese inspiration and uses three silver plates that hold some rocks. Water pours from the top plate and falls gradually till it is gathered in a big black metal bowl, also full of round rocks. The rocks are added for design and Feng shui atmosphere and there is also some lighting for some additional impact. Besides, the price is really affordable, as each fountain can be bought for $19.99.