Floatwing – The Home That Can Be Shipped Anywhere In The World

How cool would be to receive an actual home in the mail? It would be unrealistic, at least for now. But we’re getting closer to this goal by the day. Check out the new Floatwing created by Friday. The company focuses on creating technologically-advanced nautical and water-related leisure devices and equipment and this is one of their latest and most impressive designs.

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Floatwing is a modular home complete with all the basic features. It’s a floating house which you can you can receive almost anywhere on the globe. That’s because it fits in two standard shipping containers and all you have to do is wait for the package to be delivered to you.

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You can use this houseboat in a lot of different ways. For example, it can be a romantic getaway for two. Theoretically, you can travel the world in it. Imagine just drifting away little by little every day and reaching new locations. That would truly be an adventure. And you can actually do this thanks to the two small outboard motors integrated into the house’s structure.

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This can also serve as a mobile house for a family or for a group of friends. Numerous outdoor activities can be performed while on board. To enumerate a few, sailing, paddling, water skiing and fishing are all options to choose from. Or you can just relax and let the water and the wind guide you.

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A Floatwing has a fixed width of six meters and its length can range from 10 to 18 meters. Each version offers its own set of advantages. The freedom that comes with such a structure lets the users enjoy amazing and memorable experiences. The smallest type can serve as a cozy studio while the largest one can be a three-bedroom house.

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The company that designed it favors modularity, energy-efficiency and environmental sustainability and all these are characteristics of the Floatwing. Each such module comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, a heat pump, AC generator, a barbecue for the upper terrace, a wine cellar and a pellet stove. All of these components along with several others can fit inside two standard containers thanks to the modular overall design.

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The mobile houses are designed with materials and technologies that have low environmental impact and help reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Considering everything they offer, the Floatwings are incomparable to anything else.

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