Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Just like an outfit you’ve worn multiple times over the course of the year, it’s easy to get tired of your home’s style, or even just one room. Instead of completely revamping the house, there are several easy ways to give your home a sprucing and re-styling without putting too much work and money into the project. You’d be surprised how little changes can make big transformations. Let’s take a peek at some easy ways to give your home a quick pick-me-up and inspire your next redo!

1. Hang up new curtains.

Hang some colorful curtainsView in gallery

Refresh your living room or kitchen by adding a set of new curtains to the mix. Whether you go from colors to bright whites, you’d be surprised how revitalized the space will feel with its new window dressing.

2. Grab a couch cover.

Chnage the couch cover easyView in gallery

Go from dull to vivacious with the addition of a couch cover. Not only will you be saving some wear and tear on the family sofa, but adding a print or color to the living room that wasn’t there before makes for a super easy refresher – without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture.

3. Rearrange your rugs.

Rearange the living room rugsView in gallery

If you’ve got a space that uses a variety of throw rugs or area rugs, why not just change them up? Switch out the dining room rug with the living room rug, and the backdoor rug with the front door and you’ll see how quick the pick-me-up happens!

4. Change out your bed linens.

Change out the bed linensView in gallery

One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a fast and easy re-style is to change out your bed sheets. If you’re tired of your plain whites, add some color! Just see what’s in the linen closet and get creative.{found on asyouseeit}.

5. Add some candles.

Bathroom candles decorationsView in gallery

Candles add warm lighting, romantic ambiance and cozy, comfortable home design. Shop around for some scents and styles that inspire you and add them to your home’s decor.

6. Re-style the mantle.

Restyle mountain mantleView in gallery

Take everything off the mantle and re-style it. Whether you want to add in new accents or use the ones you’ve already got but in a new way, it works!

7. Throw around some fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers vanityView in gallery

This may be the easiest tip of the bunch, and probably our favorite. Go to the market and get yourself some fresh flowers. Sprinkle them around the house for a quick and easy refresher!{found on beautyarmybyingrid}.

8. Create a new centerpiece.

Create a new centerpieceView in gallery

Just like with your mantle, re-arrange and re-style your centerpieces. From the dining room to the breakfast nook, mix, match and redo what’s on the tables for a new look!{found on katejacksondesign}.

9. Try out a bit of Feng Shui.

Feng shui family living room designView in gallery

Use what you’ve got, just move it around a bit. The living room, the bedroom and even the home office can feel brand new if you decide to just move the furniture around a bit.{found on kilreaconstruction}.

10. Slap on some decals.

Slap on some decalsView in gallery

Instead of painting, which could take weeks to finish, why not spruce up the walls with a bit of decal work? Find some that inspire you and create a brand new look on any wall of the house!