Home Offices With Incredible Color Pairings

Your home office should represent you, your style, your work and what inspires you the most. It should reflect what you love the most but, if you’re expecting clients, it still needs to be presentable and stylish enough to wow them! Today, we’re showing off 10 incredible, versatile and stylish color pairings that work for a variety of home offices, maybe even yours!

1.Lavender and Cream.

Purple office wallsView in gallery

Such an inspiring, incredible space, this feminine and hand-touched home office is perfect for those that need an airy space to dwell in. The lavender is such a feel-good color and the cream is a neutral that always works when you need an air of womanly spirit.

2. Silver and Hot Pink.

Neon pink office decorView in gallery

Bright and sexy, we love this power duo. The hot pink is wow-worthy and the silver creates a refined space that’s workable but also ready to be shown off to a ton of clients.

3. Grass Green and White.

Grass green officeView in gallery

It can be masculine, it can be girlish and it can be just plain funky. This bright, grassy shade is perfect for infusing life into your everyday work and bright whites are always a great choice for creating posh, slick designs.

4. Beige and Navy Blue.

Blue office designView in gallery

Blue is a power color and its a cozy, fan-favorite. Everyone will feel at home, but they’ll also know who’s boss in such a posh, refined space.

5. Purple and Chartreuse.

Purple and yellow living roomView in gallery

It’s bold and daring, purple and chartreuse is a pair that works with the right layout. If you’re home office is big enough, you may want to think about using this as your place of work.

6. Black and Grey.

Black greyView in gallery

Sometimes a colorful space isn’t necessarily appropriate for your workspace. If you fall into this category go for something bold, but classic like black and grey with industrial furniture.

7. Red and Yellow.

Red accents officeView in gallery

For a retro, woah look, try out some red and yellow. We suggest using them in all your accents along with a neutral background. But if you’re looking for something with lots of playful personality, this is for you!

8. Fuchsia and Ocean Blue.

Traditional home office blueView in gallery

We love how this pair feels feminine, but its masculine edge makes it a daring, in-control look. Use both colors to accent in a room dressed in neutral or go all out with these power shades on the walls.

9. Blush Pink and Orange.

Midcentury home office orangeView in gallery

It’s not a color duo that you’d think of right off the top of your head, but it’s definitely a stylish, creative choice. The blush cools down the bright orange, while making a contemporary room shine.

10. White and Cream.

Cream officeView in gallery

Bright and pure, this office is definitely wow-worthy. If you want a space free from clutter but that isn’t anywhere near dull, try bright whites and creamy creams!