Home office desk styles – Find the one that suits you

When it comes to designing your own home office, each person prefers a different style. Even persons with the same type of job and that basically need this office for the same reasons prefer to work in a different type of environment. It’s important to have a space where you feel comfortable and where you can work with pleasure. The desk needs to offer you that but it also needs to respond to a series of functional concerns. There are several main types of desks and they are:

1. The student desk.

Collection office
White student desk with a matching lamp and shelf

This is the most basic type of all desks. Most student desks are rectangular in shape and vary from 36 to 48’’ in length. Its main function is to offer a work surface so it’s perfect for those that only use minimal computer equipment such as a laptop. They’re not very sturdy and don’t support a lot of weight.

2. The corner desk.

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White corner desk with black surfaces and lots of storage

A corner desk is a great way of saving space in your home office. They provide a functional work surface and, in addition, they also feature plenty of storage. Some such desks feature a rounded edge corner and thus don’t perfectly fit in the corner of the room. These are not space-saving designs.

3. The shaped desk.

Collection office
Simple L-shaped desk that takes advantage of the window
Collection office
Contemporary U-shaped desk with lots of storage space

Two of the most popular shaped desk styles are the L-shaped and U-shaped desks. They are wonderful ways of saving space in the office and they make use of the corner areas effectively. Also, most such desks also provide additional storage space that allows you to save floor space and to cleverly use the home office. Make sure you have enough space in the room before purchasing this type of desks.

4. The computer armoire.

Collection office
Computer armoire with lots of accessible and organized storage

This type of desk is particularly useful in small spaces. It can also be included in shared spaces such as the living room or media room without interfering with the overall design of the room. A computer armoire is also a wonderful solution for organizing your space and it remains hidden behind the doors.

5. The executive desk.

Collection office
Elegant home office featuring an executive desk with rounded edges
Collection office
Elegant executive desk with seven drawers on each side

Executive desks are not ideal for computer equipment because of their dimensions: from 48’’ to 72’’ in length. They provide a large work surface and storage space that usually includes a drawer for supplies and one for files. A desk of this type occupies more space than other types of desk so make sure you take into consideration before buying it.Elegant executive desk with seven drawers on each side

6. The collection.

Collection office

If none of the styles presented above suits you then there’s also another possibility. You can create your own desk by purchasing individual components and putting them together in order to get the perfect desk. However, keep in mind that collections are made for commercial use and they’re at the higher price.

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