5 Budget-Conscious Home Improvements For Your Home

No matter how much you enjoy your home the way it is, there’s always something you can do to make it even better. And these home improvements don’t necessarily need to be expensive or complicated. You need to have an open mind and to see the potential where others don’t or to be able to adapt ideas to suit your needs.

Revamp an old vanityView in gallery

A really nice project could be turning a vintage sewing table into a vanity for the bedroom or any other room of the house. A few changes have to be made in order for the vanity to be fully functional. Transform the front facade so you can add a drawer. Stain the top and the legs, paint the rest white and add new hardware.{found on lovelyindeed}.

Diy herringbone dresserView in gallery

A similar but simpler project would be to give an ugly dresser a makeover without actually changing anything about the way it’s built. This would be a cosmetic transformation and you could paint the whole dresser white and then use tape to create a herringbone pattern down the center.{found on livelovediy}.

Kleurige kast revampView in gallery

It’s amazing what some paint can do. Use paint in different colors to create a bold, geometric design for the front of a dresser or cabinet. All the colors used here are warm and this creates a pleasant vibe. The design doesn’t have to be symmetrical and not all the colors have to be used in the same amount.{found on site}.

Painted dresser ombre designView in gallery

It’s important to have a work environment that gives you a pleasant feeling so feel free to personalize it. Start with the desk. Perhaps it could use a makeover. Try an ombre design. Pick a color and gradually dilute it with white as you paint the drawers.{found on nattybydesign}.

Turn an old door to corner shelfView in gallery

Most people don’t even think twice before throwing out an old door. However, a creative mind could come up with interesting ways to use it. For example, turn it into a corner shelving unit. Cut the door in half, secure the pieces together with metal brackets. Paint the door and, if you want, replace the door knob or remove it completely.{found on craftaholicsanonymous}.