Home Improvements You Can Refresh Your Space With

No matter how much time and effort you put into the design and décor of your home, there will always be room for improvement. Each space and each feature has its own particularities which lead to various ideas that could make them better. Each one of these home improvement ideas can be interpreted in all sorts of ways and adapted to suit a variety of spaces. We’ve gathered a bunch of great projects that you might want to try, each of them being versatile enough to be customized.

Living room design suggestions

A rolling cart

Wood industrial rolling cart

Serving carts are practical and great to have around. They can be used to easily bring beverages and snacks from the kitchen into the lounge area as well as useful when there’s an adjacent terrace or balcony. This industrial rolling cart can be built from scratch in a few easy steps. It has a tray top and two shelves and it sits on casters so it’s easy to roll around. You can obviously also use it as a stationary console table the rest of the time.

Hairpin leg side table

DIY Hairpin Leg Side Table

You shouldn’t be scared of projects that require you to build new things from scratch. They’re usually a lot simpler than they look. If you want to built a hairpin side table that should be an easy project. Basically you just need four pieces of wood for the top and four hairpin legs which you attach to the bottom with screws. You can then stain the wood or paint it to make the table match the décor.

String art

Tree Personalized String Art

The aesthetic part of a living room’s interior design is just as important as the furnishings. Every little detail counts and a great way to make the space feel more comfortable and welcoming is by displaying handmade decorations such as this tree string art. To make something like this you need a wooden board, a bunch of nails, a piece of paper, a hammer, a pencil and plenty of string/ thread. Sketch the shape you want on the paper and then place it on top of the wood and start to hammer nails in key spots to outline the design. You’ll then have to also hammer nails evenly around the edge of the board. After that, all that’s left to do is connect the nails with string.

Hand-painted vase

Hand-painted vase

A small improvement in the décor of your living room can also come in the form of a makeover. You could decorate an old vase to give it a fresh and new look. First you spray paint the color in any color you want. Apply a second coat and then a third one to get an even coverage and then use a short bristled brush to paint stripes using a contrasting color. Enjoy your new hand-painted vase.

Entryway bench with storage for shoes

Industrial Entry Shoe Bench

For the entryway, one of the things you could craft is a bench and to make it more functional you can make it double as a shoe storage unit. The bench itself can be made out of three pieces of wood. After that, you have to figure out how to add the storage cubbies. These are made of wire grating and they give the bench this rustic-industrial look. If you prefer a different style you can choose to use other materials and to customize the design however you wish.

Kitchen improvements

DIY concrete countertop

Polished concrete countertop

There are lots of things that can be done in the kitchen and this also includes basic things like the countertop, backsplash and even some furniture. You could make your own concrete countertop from scratch. Here’s how: clean the existing counter and then sand it. After that apply a layer of concrete mix according to the instructions. Use a trowel to make the surface fairly even and also cover the edges. Let it set and then shape it a bit around the edges and clean it with a paper towel. Let it dry and sand it and then apply two or three more layers. At the end, seal it.

Subway tile backsplash

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

It’s possible to install your own backsplash if you’re familiar with a few basic tools and materials. For instance, you could give your kitchen a new subway tile backsplash and for that you’ll need tiles, adhesive, spacers, a trowel and a putty knife, a tile saw, grout, sponges, grout sealer and colored sanded caulk. Follow the instructions and feel free to customize the backsplash with your own choice of color or color combinations.

A new faucet

Upgrade and Install Your Kitchen Faucet

Some upgrades are easy enough to do without the help of a professional or experience. For example, replacing the old kitchen faucet with a new one is a pretty easy task. You only need the faucet, a crescent wrench and a screwdriver to get the job done, assuming you have all the necessary components. Make sure you turn off the water before you begin. Everything else is easy if you follow the instructions and don’t rush things.

Decorative boards

Eat Boards on kitchen

Even if the kitchen is mostly a utility space, there’s still room here for decorative elements like these “eat” boards that adorn the wall. You can use such accent details to fill in the gaps in the design. If you like these boards we’ll show you how to make some for your own kitchen. Start with three letters which can be made of cardboard, metal, wood or pretty much anything else. Spray paint them and prepare the mounting boards (cut them, sand them and stain them). Seal the boards and then glue the letters on.

Projects for the bathroom

New wall finishes

New Bathroom Wall

Lots of things can make a bathroom look more beautiful and trendy. For instance, you can start with the walls. Get rid of that outdated plaster and give the walls a smooth and simple finish. This can change the whole atmosphere. Pick a color that you love and use it to make the bathroom feel cozy. Use vertical lines and patterns to make a small bathroom feel larger.

A bigger mirror

Installing a large mirror

If your goal is to make a small bathroom feel larger then you can also add a large mirror instead of the old one. There’s no need for a frame. You could make the mirror as large as the vanity or even as big as the wall on which you install it. The sconces can be installed onto the mirror so no worries there.

Vanity makeover

Update bathroom vanity

An updated vanity can also cheer up the bathroom. You can just give it a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer pulls and that should be enough to change the look. If you want, you can also take care of some small details such as simplifying the design to make it more modern.

Toilet paper and brush holder

Toilet Paper

Instead of a separate toilet paper holder and brush you have the option of organizing these things inside a small open cabinet which can also include storage for extra toilet paper rolls. It’s a really simple project which you can do with some reclaimed wood boards.

Storage shelf above the door

Storage shelf above door

You can also add storage above your bathroom door. You could install a simple shelf on which you can keep extra towels. It could also be a storage area for toilet paper rolls or for other accessories and useful things.

Finishing touches

Wall Art Above the Toilet

Another idea is to simplify things. For example, you can get rid of that old cabinet above your toilet and put up a lovely painting or framed image instead. You can get that storage in other forms, some of which were described just now.

A new shower curtain

Shower Curtain Home Improvement

A new shower curtain also has the potential to change the ambiance and the décor of a bathroom. Get rid of your old curtain and get a new one that better suits the new design and style that you want to imprint on your bathroom. If you want the décor to be simple than the curtain should be minimalist. Perhaps you’d like a double curtain instead of a single one for a more sophisticated look.

How to update the walls

Install board and batten

Install board and batten

There’s more you can change about your walls than just the color. One option is to install board and batten to make a space feel cozier and more inviting. It’s a project that can suit spaces such as the bathroom or the bedroom. The process is not very complicated but detailed instructions are needed in order to get the details just right. The tutorial offers step by step instructions regarding every feature.

Smooth out textured walls

Smooth out textured walls

On the other hand, if you’re tired of textured walls and want to make a change towards something simpler, you’ll need to smooth out the walls in order to get that look. The process is simple and mainly relies on how well you use the sandpaper or electric sander. Before you start the project you should remove all the shelves and other accessories from the walls. Cover the outlets with tape and do the same thing for the vents and drains. Start sanding and occasionally check the surface using a light source.

DIY furniture projects

Jute chair makeover

Jute Chair Makeover

It’s only natural to get want to update your furniture every once in a while. As it starts to get out and outdated, it no longer offers the same satisfaction and this has an impact on the ambiance as well. If it’s a chair that you want to update, you should try this jute webbing seat idea. Remove the old seat and stable the webbing to the back of the frame. Pull it taut toward the front of the seat and staple it in place. Repeat until you cover the seat and then start to weave webbing string perpendicularly to the ones already installed. At the end you can also add nail head trim.

Pouf made from scratch

Pouf made from scratch

Call it a pouf, an ottoman or however else you want, this cute little thing is incredibly versatile and great for pretty much any room of the house. Poufs are also great to have around for your guests when they need an extra seat. You can make one from scratch using a few things such as durable fabric, piping, a zipper, polystyrene balls and upholstery thread.

DIY vase makeover

Drip milk glass vase

Instead of spending time searching for your ideal vase in stores, you can use that time to design your own vase. Start with a clear glass vase and give it a stylish makeover using gold paint and white latex paint. First let some gold paint drip from the rim, on the inside of the vase. Then pour some white paint into the vase and swirl it around until it covers all the sides and the unpainted spaces. Let it dry.

Home improvements for the outdoors

Install a porch light

installing a porch light

A sconce can really change the ambiance, especially at night. Installing one on your porch would be beneficial for both you and your guests. So go ahead and find a sconce that you like and install it in place of your old one. Follow the instructions if you don’t have experience with this type of projects and then enjoy your beautiful new sconce.

Front door makeover

Painting the front door

After installing the new porch light, it’s time to focus on other things that can make your house look pretty and inviting. The front door can be your next project. Take some sandpaper and give it a light sanding then wipe it down with a cloth. Tape off the hardware and then and everything you don’t want painted and then paint the door, applying as many coats as needed. Remove the tape when you’re done.

DIY concrete planter

Front door concrete planters

For the yard or garden you can make a concrete planter. In fact, make as many as you want. It’s a really simple project for which you need straight-edges concrete pavers, landscape adhesive, sealer, soil and plants. It’s like playing with Lego bricks. There’s also the option to use a mold and to pour the concrete in to make the planters. This allows you to give them any shape and size you want.