Modern Family Home Design Centered Around The Kids

Each type of home has its own defining characteristics. Bachelor pads focus on individuality, offering elements meant to make a single person feel comfortable. Family homes, on the other hand, are centered around the well being of all those using the space and this usually results in an eclectic design. But not all family homes are alike.

The Family Playground dining table and kitchenView in gallery

Some are special, focusing on something different than the others. A typical layout puts the living room at the center of the design and focuses more on the elements that all members share in common. There are always exceptions. One of them is The Family Playground, a residence located in Kaohsiung City, in Taiwan.

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The home was a project by HAO Design in 2015 and its design focuses on the children. The clients requested the entire space to have a natural and open feel and to offer inspiration for the children’s creative activities. At the same time, they wanted the layout to bring family members closer together.

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This request came from the parents’ desire to be present in their kids’ lives as much as possible and for all important moments and activities. As a result, the children’s spaces became the main consideration in the design.

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The entryway offers a hint at the casual and unusual design approach used for this project. A blackboard wall integrates the front door, serving as a message board for the whole family. The wall also conceals a shoe cabinet.

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A 60 square meter leisure and recreation area occupies most of the floor space. It incorporates the kitchen, dining space as well as a reading and play area. This is where parents and kids spend a lot of time together crafting things, playing the piano or simply interacting.

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Family dinners are enjoyed at a simple wooden table complemented by a bench on one side and a set of vintage green chairs meant to match the piano wall. A ceiling-mounted swing on the balcony offers one of the parents an opportunity to relax while admiring everyone else or can offer the kids a fun time.

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The two pendant lamps hanging above the table have a double function. They serve as light fixture as well as display spaces for the small crafts made by the kids.

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Box shelves and a staircase cover one of the walls in this space. They offer storage for decorations, books, craft supplies and all sorts of other things. The stairs lead up to a box-like space to which a slide is attached. Underneath it is a cozy window nook. The kids’ slide was designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble and this way it can free up space when needed.

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The Family Playground kids slideView in gallery

A large kitchen island is another important design element in this open space. Steel storage racks hanging from the ceiling are positioned above the island, offering additional storage and also introducing an industrial feature to the room.

The Family Playground parents bedroom platformView in gallery

The Family Playground parents bedroomView in gallery

The parents’ bedroom is a casual and welcoming space decorated with shades of vintage green and natural wood. A platform forms a raised space in front of the windows which could be used as extra storage or as a playground for the kids.

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The kids’ bedroom is bright and open even though it’s a small space. A coral accent wall accentuates the simplicity of the white walls and a custom wall unit incorporates a corner desk and lots of storage for clothes, toys and everything else.