Modern Family Home Cantilevers Over The Australian Landscape

Originally, this site situated in a rural area outside Ballarat in Australia was occupies by an early 80s house with an A frame design and only two bedrooms. The clients chose Moloney Architects to handle the project and requested a larger family home oriented towards the north.

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The architects’ interest in the “interplay of materials, light, form and detail” materialized in a modern design which cantilevers over the hillside and offers beautiful views over the tree canopies from the upper levels.

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At the end of the cantilevered volume is a view deck designed specifically to capture the panorama and to offer the owners a cozy place from which to observe their surroundings. A monolithic concrete wall visually anchors the cantilever to the hillside.

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All the living spaces are located on the ground floor, a request that came from the clients. They wanted these spaces to freely communicate to the outdoors through sliding doors and to open directly onto the beautiful landscape.

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An imposing fireplace with firewood storage built into the supporting structure adorns the main lounge area. Huge windows and sliding doors open the area to the exterior and, at the same time let in the natural light emphasizing spaciousness.

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An open kitchen features custom white cabinetry designed around a set of slim horizontal windows. The kitchen island extends to double as a bar . The polished concrete floor and the predominant use of white set an austere, cold mood but the wooden paneling ceiling and wall panels balance out the décor and allow the space to feel inviting.

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The dining area on a slightly raised plan. Surrounded by wood paneling and featuring white beams with an interesting geometric structure, this area feels particularly warm and welcoming. Of course, huge windows offer it views of the surroundings.

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A small workspace is built into a nook in the dining area and can be completely hidden behind a sliding wooden door. The idea was to let this feature blend in with minimal impact on the rest of the décor.

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A wood and steel linear staircase offers access to the upper spaces. At the base of the staircase, an armchair suggests this small space is the perfect reading spot.

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The upper volume contains two large void spaces which connect the various functions vertically. One is placed above the entry and one above the living area. This ensures a strong connection between the floors.

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The sleeping areas are all arranged in a row to take advantage of the northern exposure. They’re simple and feature the same combination of materials as the social areas and the exterior but with an emphasis on wood.

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The bathrooms are bright, with white walls and furniture, large mirrors and transparent glass showers. They too have large windows and quirky and modern decors that include simple but interesting accent features.

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