Home And Workspace – A Multi-Purpose Space

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this space is the new headquarter of Taipei City-based architects and interior designers Ganna Studio. What’s most unusual about it is the fact that the space, situated on the first floor of the building, is not only an office but also a home for two designers.It’s an interesting combination between a cozy living space and a place where lots of work can be accomplished.

Ganna studios new hq taipei

The building in which the new headquarters is located is very old and was part of a military dependent’s village. It has lots of historical elements which the architects wanted to preserve and to incorporate in their new design.

Ganna studios new hq taipei1

They kept the structure pretty much intact and then added classic European elements into the mix. The space now features a fusion between modern, classic and historic elements. The office has reclaimed wood works paces, herringbone patterned wooden floors as well as geometric chairs and a bold entrance.

Ganna studios new hq taipei2

Ganna studios new hq taipei3

Ganna studios new hq taipei4

Ganna studios new hq taipei5

Ganna studios new hq taipei6

Ganna studios new hq taipei7

Ganna studios new hq taipei8

Ganna studios new hq taipei11

Ganna studios new hq taipei9

Ganna studios new hq taipei10

The layout of the space is also interesting. The rooms are separated by embossed panels which divide the work area from the dining space and the kitchen. All the rooms are cozy and have a nice homey feel which in understandable since the space has two very separate functions. Mixing work with your personal life is usually not a good idea but, in this case, it seems like a successful combo.