Luxury Penthouse Built At The Top Of A Ski Jump Tower

Holmenkollen is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions and one of the world’s most famous sporting venues. It has an impressive ski jump tower which doesn’t astonish with size alone. A very unusual feature is the alpine retreat which was built at the uppermost level.


Th unexpected transformation was a project by Airbnb in collaboration with interior designers Melissa Hegge and Nina Holst. The new additions include a ski museum on the first floor of the newly converted structure and a penthouse apartment above it.


The apartment is fully furnished and, despite its off shape and unusually angled walls, it feels really cozy. In the bedroom, the bed is positioned in such a way that it captures the expansive views of the surroundings.


The floor-to-ceiling windows get a whole new meaning in this case because of the unique, angular shape of the space. This forces the interior design to become unique as well. The wall décor is its impact is minimized but, instead of becoming a disadvantage, this detail gives character to the apartment.


In addition, the penthouse offers spectacular views and an experience which can’t really be compared with anything else.


In terms of interior design, the space used texture and color to its advantage to make up for the open and exposed look and to add warmth to the space allowing it to feel comfortable.


A small table placed in a corner is complemented by a pair of chairs and a chic floor lamp. Though it’s not positioned to directly face the expansive views, it does take advantage of the light and beauty while also offering an intimate organization meant to favor concentration.


A comfortable chair is the main piece in this relaxation corner. A perfect spot for enjoying a good book, cozy up with a magazine or put your thoughts in order while letting your mind get inspired by the panorama.


The penthouse balcony is an amazing space. From up here the views are even more extraordinary and impressive. What could be more wonderful than to be up here with your favorite people, relaxing and enjoying life?


This one-of-a-kind structure includes the highest roof terrace in town and this alone should be a strong reason for anyone to want to visit it and spend unforgettable moments here.