Hollywood Glamour Interior Design from Greg Natale Design

Designed by an Australian designer Greg Natale Design, this interior design is beautiful. Greg Natale  is experienced in decorating a home with Hollywood country style,  but it still has an Australian twist. Anyway the predominant color in this project is black /white and also a little bit of green and sometimes purple shades.

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Even though the designer used mainly the contrast between black and white, this is not a monotonous house or interior design because the insertions of dark green and violet are most welcome and bring a breath of fresh air to the whole picture. This interior is stylish and old school, the way in which houses used to be arranged proving to be a model of good taste and sensitivity.

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All interior arrangements are glamorous and show an exquisite taste – for example look at the way in which the oval and simple mirror in the hallway matches the tiles and the wallpaper perfectly, having all the exact shade of green or black. And the simple design on the wall breaks monoty and brings imagination. If the walls in a room are radk then all the furniture is black and the sofa cushions are the colour spot needed so bad in a room with personality and if the walls are white then the carpet will definitely be black. It’s a lesson of style and class for me.