Holly – a small sofa by Devon & Devon

Furniture is an essential part of our life, of our homes and we cannot live without some of the pieces. Sofas are among the objects that cannot be absent, no matter how the house looks like. It depends on the owner, on his/her taste and on the other existing objects in a room, as there has to be a balance and a match between the things in a house in general and in a room in particular.


The sofa in the photo seems to have everything you might expect from such an object and even more: it is simple and complex at the same time, if you look at the shape and the fact that it was inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s makes it even more valuable. It is as inviting as a bathtub after a busy day at work and it seems to promise relaxation and comfort above all.


Holly is a small sofa, but this does not make it less inviting; it looks like an open bathtub with legs, the perfect place to rest after a long workday. It is the work of Devon & Devon and it was designed to create a cozy place where you can read a book, watch TV, drink your coffee in the morning or just rest at the end of the day. This sofa can decorate any room and no matter if you prefer the white version or the black one, it just seems perfect!{found on devon}.