Holiday Tablescapes

The holidays are all about food. (Well, really, they’re not all about food, but still. Food’s pretty important during the holidays.) What I find interesting about food is how the environment in which it’s eaten plays a big role in how good it tastes. I think this is one reason why people put so much care and thought into creating lovely, festive tablescapes for dining with the people they love. The following are examples of very different, yet equally impressive and lovely, holiday tables:

Casual elegance.

Green accents table1

Everything is sparkly and bright, from the trim on the dishware to the stemware-holding candles to the rectangular beaded placemats. But keeping things grounded are a beautiful variety of white roses and other flowers in simple birchwood vases. I love the yin and yang here, the lovely balance between shiny finery with matte organic. The wrapped gift on each place setting is a sweet – and beautiful – touch.
French flair.

Green accents table1

White and blue is a classic winter color palette, reminiscent of ice and snow, and this tablescape pulls off the look with charm and ease. There are lots of curvy, delicate lines here, including the white tatted placemats (which are an utterly sweet touch). Silver birds tucked into napkins brings in a nice outdoor element to go along with the centerpiece bough…almost reminiscent of a partridge out of a pear tree?

Colorful and charming.

Green accents table1

If this tablescape doesn’t say “holiday festivities,” I don’t know what does! It includes loads of bright, fun details…especially those candy cane-encircled candles. The many pedestals and stems provide a touch of maturity to the whimsical, providing a lovely subtle thematic element as well. The table overall is heavy on the red but has plenty of delightful splashes of white and green to add to traditional festivity. And I place my whole-hearted stamp of approval on the beaded-glittery red balls, apparently there for nothing other than sparkle.

Classic Hanukkah.

Green accents table1

From the traditional gold and blue color palette to the simple yet polished place settings, this table is both inviting and warm. Lush hydrangeas in the center keep things from feeling too structured, while the beautiful menorah provides both light and meaning for dinner guests. I love the layering of the gold bowls atop the navy napkins atop the gold-rimmed plates. Absolutely lovely.

Simplicity Incarnate.

Green accents table1

A small scene photographed from the table overall, this simple holiday vignette speaks volumes. An oatmeal-colored linen tablecloth is the perfect foundation for all other pieces here, including the simple white dishes and beautiful steely-navy linen napkin. Wrapped with a velvet green ribbon and bow ties in the deconstructed evergreen sprigs. This setting is beautiful in its purposeful simplicity.

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