Histoire Round Bed

Histoire Round Bed is specially designed by an Italian brand Prealpi, for luxurious people with the taste of perfection. This elegant bed is available in Wenghe and Light Oak finishes. The size of the bed is 86.6W x 95D x 11H, te size of the mattress is 81.8 Round and the headboard size is 24 inches. The fabric colors available for the Headboard are Red, Dark Brown, Blue or Beige.The spatiality of this bed is that it can rotate electrically. The cost of this bed starts from $8,050.

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I must admit this bed looks amazing and it is so nicely made from the aesthetic point of view. It gives a whole new vision and feature to the whole room and it adds a lot of style and class to the room design. However, I can’t help wondering just how comfortable this bed can be since it is round and if the people sleeping there are a bit taller than the average. In my opinion it is perfect for the living room more than for the bedroom, to be used like a sofa, for watching a movie and getting cosy in the cosy bed that rotates automatically. It can impress an audience and a new girlfriend, but I don’t see it as a double bed.{found on spacify}