His and Hers Keyholder

When I am in a hurry I never find my keys. My husband is angry, the kids are screaming and they are all waiting for me to find the keys and finally lock the door. So I would use a funny and useful key holder for my home, something to place my keys in and know exactly where to find them after a while. I found this nice looking and elegant key holder that is actually available in two versions: His and Hers.

J me key holder his

This funny keyholder is made of stainless steel and ABS and can be fixed on your house wall – in the kitchen or in the hallway, wherever you think it’s more handy. It has a key hole just like a normal key lock and you just put your key in and the whole bunch of keys that you own will stay there until you next need them. You can purchase this item for about £13 . Just bear one thing in mind: don’t forget to lock the house door and after that store the keys in order to avoid having your keys stolen from the hallway.