His And Hers Bachelor Apartments That Reinvent The Traditional Concept

Bachelor pads have a general image that doesn’t really describe them accurately. They’re not just spaces with a TV, a couch and nothing else, with empty beer cans everywhere and with the phone buried under pizza boxes, although sometimes this may be the case. First of all, bachelor pads aren’t just for men.

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva1

There are plenty of single women that think of their home as their sanctuary. Interior designer Angelina Alexeeva captured this beautifully in a series of apartment projects.

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva2

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva3

She designed his and hers bachelor apartments and they’re all stunning. They’re simple and sophisticated at the same time and they all share in common a masculine or feminine vibe, depending on the case. By using simple shapes, clean lines and neutral colors, the designer has given the apartment a fresh and modern look.

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva5

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva6

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva7

She used hidden storage in the wall closets and in other unexpected spaces to maintain a clean and organized look and she used bold accent colors to create focal points.

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva41

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva8

Feminine apartment angelina alexeeva9

Masculine Design.

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva

The materials used for these projects include stone for the bathrooms and soft textures for the rest of the rooms. The designer tried to show with these creations that bachelor pads are no longer limited to spaces for men.

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva1

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva2

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva3

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva4

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva5

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva6

Black bachelor apartment angelina alexeeva7

They also include stylish spaces with feminine interiors. The apartments designed for men and those designed for women are very different, both in terms of interior décor and color palettes. The feminine spaces tend to be brighter and with softer shades while the masculine spaces are decorated with shades of brown and grey.