His and Her Ideas from the Bathroom to the Office

When space is sparse and the need is there, you may decide to create a his and her room to fit both of your wants. From the bathroom to the office, there are some cute and stylish ways to divide the room and keep each other’s personal space and necessities in mind. Let’s take a look at our quick roundup for some simple his and her ideas and inspiration.

1. Contemporary Sinks.

His and hers office space

You don’t have to personalize the space, you can keep a slick, contemporary style, even in the bathroom! This bathroom divides his and her sinks with a beautiful standup shower. Keep your toiletries on your side of the room with no chance of mixing and losing.

2. Traditional Desks.

His and hers office space

Even your office can be split into too. Give it a symmetrical look for a traditional style and easy functionality. Then dress your nick-knacks in your own flavor.

3. Luxurious Organizers.

His and hers office space

If you’re lucky enough to have this large of a space to hold your closet, use it to your advantage. Your know your husband doesn’t keep things neat and tidy like you, so split that space down the middle for your own sanity!

4. Vintage Dressing Rooms.

His and hers office space

Beautiful and eclectic, create your own dressing spots by using beautiful art to signify who’s whose spaces. It’s trendy and fun without being too stuffy and cold. It’s also another way to keep things tidy and organized.

5. Twin Nurseries.

His and hers office space

What happens when you find out with not one, but two babies? And then you find out there’s a boy and a girl inside? Well, you create a fun and trendy his and hers nursery!

6. Simple Showers.

His and hers office space

Maybe his and her showers are exactly what you need to keep your personal space in your own bubble and to maximize time in the mornings. It’s youthful, simple and has a fresh feel. Again, it’s also a great way to keep toiletries organized and easily accessed.

7. Cozy Closets.

His and hers office space

Most people just have one closet in the master bedroom that has to be split down the middle and shared. If you truly need the extra space have another one made to match the homey, cozy style.

8. Side by Side Work.

His and hers office space

Elongate the room by working side by side instead of facing each other. Style the room to both of your liking and keep the desks of the same style for a cohesive design. Then, just dress up the top off your own desks with stylish items of your own.

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