Hi/Lo Dutch Coffee Shop Design

As we can see this club’s identity Hi/Lo is derived from a dual concept that has a lot more deeper meaning.  This dualism has philosophical implications that are not only transposed in the name. The real identity is given by the interior. The theme chosen focuses on dualism between Ying and Yang, Black and White, Heaven and Hell.

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These concepts are a great for an interior design because the world has two faces; every story has two sides and so on. People can’t always distinguish good from wrong because it is a very thin line between them and one man’s opinion on good may be other’s version of “bad”.  This exact contradictory dualism makes this a great place. To concur with the philosophy the spot has been divided in two equal, approximately 100 square feet distinct zones. One is “haven” and it was designed to be bright and pleasant with calm notes and clouds hanging from the walls.

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The opposite spot is located underground and symbolizes “hell”. It was designed in antitheses with the place above it, this one being darker, more intimate mimicking our evil side with dark thoughts and hidden passions. Being a club, the owners have to deal with all sorts of people, therefore a lot of attention was given to the materials that furnished the place. To keep everything looking brand new as much as possible, materials that are ash and roach-resistant were used, including thick leather, steel and glass. So, are your worthy of “heaven”? Anybody? Well then, “hell” it is !{found on frameweb}.