Highly modern and stylish interior in dark grey-brown colour

This residence has a very interesting interior. It’s full of contrasts. On one hand it’s simple and austere but, at the same time, it’s also sophisticated and very chic. It’s minimalist and yet complex, dramatic and yet inviting.It’s an interior that was recently completed by Russian architects Belugina Partners. The style chosen for this space is highly modern. Everything is sleek and stylish and there’s a very nice balance of textures of colors. The color palette is not very wide. It’s composed of dark grey-brown shades combined with black and white details.

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Everywhere you look you see clean, strict lines that also have a very delicate look and chic appeal.The furniture throughout is modern, simple but also very lavish and stylish. The attention to details in this space is truly amazing. It’s very interesting the way different textures are combined and brought together by the color palette.

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The lighting fixtures are also an element that is repeated throughout. Surprisingly, the bathroom is the most eye-catching area. The incorporated lighting system allows it to shine in several bold colors and to glow into the darkness. It’s one more detail that makes this design dramatic and impressive. It’s also interesting how this area is the only one that has the potential of boosting bright, dynamic colors. It can also become monochromatic, like the rest of the residence.