Highgate Sideboard

I know that most furniture pieces are made for functional purposes, for storing different items. That is why they all look more or less like bigger or smaller boxes made of wood. But sometimes you can combine usefulness and design and you can have a storage facility that looks really well and brings a special feature to the home design. Take a look at this graceful Highgate Sideboard and you will see this is possible. First of all you notice the fact that this sideboard has lots of compartments that can be used for storing different items of different sizes. There are two doors that close over two bigger storing spaces on the sides and three drawers in the middle.

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They all open easily with very small and nice door and drawer knobs that are made of wood, too, just like the sideboard. This way this piece of furniture houses many separate compartments, but if you look from the outside you will see a single piece of furniture that looks very elegant. This elegance is further enhanced by the four long and thin legs that are curved in a very pleasant way.

You should also know that this sideboard can be adjusted according to your needs, so you can add or remove drawers, make it longer or wider and personalize it just the way you want to. The item is now available on Pompy and you can purchase it for a price starting with $1,840.