Hexigloo – pavilion in Bucharest

Hexigloo, this is how this project was named. It’s basically a parametrically designed pavilion in Bucharest, Romania. It was a team project that took seven days to complete. Among the people working at this project were the organizers(Tudor Cosmatu, Irina Bogdan, Andrei Raducanu) and some guests(Andrei Gheorge (Angewandte, Vienna) Alexander Kalachev (DIA, Dessau) and Bence Pap (Zaha Hadid Architects London), plus 55 students. The purpose or the students was to learn the basics of parametric design and software. The participated in a week long workshop and the task for the last half of the week was to build a human scale spatial installation.

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The pavilion has a cellular honeycomb structure applied on a igloo surface typology. The project was not an easy one. The main interest was focused on the interior space. In order to assemble the laser cut components two teams had to be formed. The whole process was completed in about 80 hours. I was not an easy task but the result is exceptional. The students learned not only technical details but also how to work as a team and hopefully this will help them in the future.

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Now the finished project can be admired by visitors that are curious and those who feel small enough can even go inside to admire the amazing structure. It seems that kids like it the most.