HEMNES COffee Table from IKEA

I like delicate and minutely designed and decorated things, but somehow I do like simple things better. I think that happens because I live in a pretty small apartment and I wish I had more space. As you know, the simple design of the furniture makes your living room look larger and creates the idea of space in contrast with all the adornments and accessories of a vintage piece of furniture for example. Well, I found this HEMNES COffee Table from IKEA and I loved it. It is my dream of perfect coffee table: not too big and not very small, either, just perfect for a couple of people to sit around sipping their steaming cup of coffee and having a good time around it.

Hemnes coffee table  0104033 PE250684 S4

This coffee table if square and made of wood and this feature makes it a bit warmer than a glass and steel table and also make sit more personal. It has a very useful shelf under the table top and you can use it for storing magazines, books or any other objects you like keeping near the coffee table. The table is available in black (my favourite), grey and white and you can purchase it for $119.