Hema Bud Vases

My kids love treasure hunting and it really does not matter what they find in the “treasure chest” because the hunting and expectation are the real thrill. That is why I like tree and flower buds so much: they only give you a hint about what they are about to become, about what they hide in there. The buds are not beautiful but they will turn into beautiful flowers. This is what inspired the designer of Hema Bud Vases. These vases look like flower buds and they are so round and nice looking that you can’t stop admiring them.


First of all these vases are very simple in design and their simplicity makes them look so pure and elegant, so natural and nice. They are made of porcelain and this makes them decorative objects in themselves. These vases are available in two sizes: small and large and they both end in a half-opened flower, hinting at the bud about to open into a flower. The design of these vases is very original and they bring freshness and style to any home. Whether you fill them with water and use them for displaying flowers or you simply use them as home accessories on the bookshelf or on the side table, these vases look amazing. They can be bought for a price starting with $12 (the small version) and $15 the large one.