Helping Your Children Maximize Space In Their Bedroom

Organizing and at the same time maximizing your chil’s bedroom is one of the dilemmas that most homeowners face on daily basis, especially if the bedroom is not spacious. There will always be the need for storage and maximum control of clutter. With the few creative ideas discussed below, you will be able to, not just maximize your children’s bedroom, but also control clutter and let them enjoy an organized bedroom that has space for sleeping, studying and possibly, playing or having a quiet time.

childrens storage bookshelf
Children’s storage bookshelf & wall storage ideas

Creative Wardrobe Closets:

In order to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom, it is necessary to get them, not just a wardrobe, but a well-designed and functional wardrobe. The wardrobe should be the type that allows you to make good use of every inch of space available in it. This means it should come with adjustable storage options, shelves, drawers, hooks and racks. This way, you are able to store not just their clothes but most of their toys and important books and other accessories.

childrens storage closets
Use wardrobe closets to conceal clothing and belongings

Space Saving Furniture and Bulletin Boards:

There are various designs of furniture pieces that come with creative storage compartments. Since children have lots of little items and accessories that need storage, you need to get creative. Their reading table could come with multiple drawers of varying sizes and with these, they are able to categorize their items and store them appropriately. Providing them with bulletin board is another way of maximizing space in their bedroom since they get to hang all their artwork, assignments and other organization accessories on the wall instead of letting them take up floor space.

childrens storage furniture
Use furniture that holds belongings

Functional Bookshelves:

With bookshelves, you will be able to effectively help your children in managing their books in an appropriate way. Be careful not to over fill the bookshelves with just books. You can get a little creative by adding a couple of photo frames in some of the sections to add a little touch of decoration.

childrens storage bookshelf
Colorful kids bookshelves featuring a lot of storage

Creative Under-Bed Storage and Wall Storage:

Opting for a bed with drawer is another creative way of maximizing the space in your children’s bedroom. The drawer can hold a lot of things that if left lying around, will make the bedroom cluttered. You can store things like shoes, seasonal clothing, crafts, books, blankets etc. Wall storage is another great option in addition to under-bed storage. By creating wall-mounted shelves, you can free up huge floor space in your children’s bedroom. The wall shelves can be used in storing books, photo albums, craft supplies and the children’s keepsakes.

childrens play area idea
Children’s play area idea – utilize wall storage
childrens under bed storage
Children’s under bed storage is a great idea

In every home, both parents and children like it when they easily find the things they need. With these space saving ideas, starting from the closets to the creative furniture, bookshelves, under-bed storage and wall-mounted shelves, you will be able to have storage for your children’s clothes, toys, shoes, crafts and other accessories without cluttering their rooms.

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