Hedgehog lamp – safe for the kids

Lamps are very useful, as they provide us the light we need to move around the house at night or to read a book or to do whatever other activity we might think of when it is dark outside. Well, normally we use pendant lights that hang from the ceiling in order to cast their light all over the room, but there are plenty of times when we only need light in a certain part of the room. So we use lamps. And when these lamps are lit for a longer time they become really hot and can even cause accidents if you have some curious kids around the house. However, there are some clever guys who considered this aspect and succeeded to manufacture safe lamps for the kids that also have a very funny and attractive shape of animals, for example this hedgehog lamp.

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This cute lamp was designed by Ramin Razani for Zzzoolights from Italy. It is made of polypropylene, so it’s perfectly safe for the kids, as it does not turn too hot. The explanation is that it uses a cool-lighting and low-energy saving  compact florescent light source. You can purchase the item now for $80.