Hector Bibendum Red Cord Table Lamp

If your desk or office is just too common and boring, if you want to change something in its appearance, then it is certainly time for you to go shopping online. And your aim will be to purchase something really unique and unusual, something that draws attention, but keeps its usefulness. One such thing can be this Hector Bibendum Red Cord Table Lamp. It is a very delicate and beautiful table lamp, but it has an unexpected red cord that makes it quite cool.


This lamp was deigned by Sir Terence Conran for BTC. It is perfect not just for your office, home desk or library, but also for hotels and other public places that need a bit of style and class. The lamp is very elegant and classy, with a white bone-china shade and base that is resistant enough to support the whole body of the lamp. The base offers stability, but also spreads the light that comes down from the 40 watt light bulb necessary for the proper functioning of the lamp.

The lamp shade is securely fixed to the satin aluminum pole and can be adjusted to have the perfect position for the activity you want to perform for example reading or writing and so on. The lamp originally comes with a red cord, but you can also have the possibility to order a blue cord if you want to, in case you are a boy or a man and think this vivid red is just too much for you. The item can be bought now for £149 directly from the Conran Shop.