Heavenly villa in Pattaya

There are very few villas or resorts across the globe that are truly heavenly and appeal to all the five senses. One of such villas is located in Pattaya. Known as “Villataya”, the villa features a group of seven private villas. Each villa encompasses 205 square feet of area, two to three bedrooms and a private pool. The interiors of the villas are done in soft pastel shades in order to create a warm, stylish and inviting atmosphere. In addition, a lot of greenery in form of plants and trees has been used in the outside as well as the inside of the villa.

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This building, as I see it, has a very mysterious look. It looks like a little museum that hides all sorts of treasure and forgotten secrets. It’s even a little creepy, especially when you look at that antique looking doors. It look scary. But the only mysteries and secrets hiding behind that doors are related to this inviting and beautiful home. It’s a modern home, with a beautiful pool outside. It’s actually a very nice family house.

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The interior design is simple and very functional. There are many beautiful elements all over this place. The living room looks very comfortable and cozy. The same goes for the bedroom. It’s one of the most quiet and relaxing bedrooms you could ever imagine. Actually, the whole house has this inviting and warm atmosphere that makes you feel very comfortable inside. It’s not creepy or scary at all. It’s just a contrastive image, compared to the exterior design.