Heavenly Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort

There are moments in life when you would like to find a special place where nothing and nobody can bother you. You may feel depressed, sad, unsatisfied with your daily life or maybe you have lost somebody dear to you and you want to escape those places which remind you of that person. In such situations this kind of place can be a real antidote to your pains and negative feelings. I can share with you one of my experiences which proved to be a real benefit. My husband lost his dad in a summer and we had planed long before to go to the seaside that period. Initially he wanted to abandon the plan but I have convinced him not to give up and it proved that I was right.

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If you are in search of such a place the heavenly Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort is a great option. It looks like a real paradise on earth where the local materials used and the exotic location at St.Felix on the south coast of Mauritius create a magic place where you can relax and forget about all your problems.

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The resort includes 122 rooms, suites, and villas range from the Junior Ocean View Suites, to the massive Presidential Villa. The interiors are spacious with large windows and modern furniture. The natural elements, hardwoods, granite, marble and slate are part of the charm of these rooms.

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If you want to try some South African dishes you may go to the flag shop restaurant of the resort called Stars. In case you are an amateur of light food Pebbles is the place where you must go. Red Ginger offers some great cocktails which can definitely make you feel fantastic. All these places and many others can be found here so you can hurry up and try to see this corner of heaven.