Heather Jo’s friendly room with accents of pink

When decorating a home there are lots of things that can inspire you. And it’s not necessary for all the rooms to share a common theme or décor. Here’s a room that has been presented independently to the rest of the house. That means we can only see what this particular room has to offer without relating to anything else. So take a closer look and see what this room is all about.

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This is Heather Jo’s room and it’s located somewhere in Aldan, Pennsylvania. From the start we can see that this a modern and colorful décor. An unconventional choice was to paint the walls black. It was a bold move and such a color choice doesn’t always look good. In this case, however, it was a good choice because the black is complemented by brighter tones.

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The person responsible for the décor admits that the inspiration came from things like Barbie dolls, a box of crayons, a pair of Nike sneakers and some black nail polish. A random combination of items that turned out to be inspiring. The color used here are black, white, hot pink, magenta, bubblegum pink, red, coral and navy. Overall, the décor is modern and bold. The furniture is simple, casual and cozy. It’s a playful room, very inviting, that despite the black walls is surprisingly friendly.{foun don apartmettherapy}