Heart shaped pool

I know when Valentine’s Day is approaching without having to look in the calendar for this because I start seeing heart shaped things all around me: heart-shaped cakes in the sweets shop window, heart shaped balloons in a bunch in front of the toy shop, heart shaped flower arrangements and so on. This is a sign that the annual love celebration has begun. But some people choose to celebrate love all year long and they decide to build unusual swimming pools in the shape of a heart. These pools are very romantic and nice looking and also functional and fun. For example this one is built in fron of the Heartbreak Hotel, opposite Graceland.

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Actually this shape can be a great idea if the space you have available for your outdoor swimming pool is not suitable for having a round or oval shape, so better than having a totally irregular pool, you can choose a heart shaped one.

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I admit, it’s totally and sickeningly sweet, but some people love it or they get used to it in time. I personally would love one.