Heart – Shaped Lamp for Valentine’s Day

Every year just before Valentine’s Day I promise myself I will not celebrate it this year and somehow I finish by celebrating it along with all the other people in the city. I know it turned into a big commercial celebration, but I love the idea of celebrating LOVE , so I play along. And I find it nice to give and get a symbolic present that shows that your heart is still in the right place. And what could be more appropriate for this day than heart-shaped lamps. They are also affordable gifts and , to be honest, are also very useful, especially when you want to use them for moving around the house without having to turn on the whole lighting system and wake the kids.

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Here are a few ideas of lamps you can buy for this occasion, for various sums of money, but all around $20-30 or less. Of course you can find some of them for a lot less – like $10, but you are free to find the right model for you to get.

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