Heart Shaped Bathtub for Valentine’s Day

All that madness with Christmas and New Year’s Eve is now gone. Hey, but take a deep breath because we must prepare for valentine’s Day which is coming soon. If you want to have a perfect holiday with your lover or spouse you’d better make reservations right now as all the others have already done that. Valentine’s Day is usually an escape from the usual life you have , from work and kids and all the annoying relatives and a trip or a short holiday to a place where you can afford some romance, some sweet gestures and some love. And if you want a surprise, make sure the hotel room or suite you book has one of these amazing heart shaped bathtubs.

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It’s totally romantic to bathe in such a bathtub that looks like a big heart, especially if there’s room for two in it. You can find this kind of special bathtubs in hostel and hotel rooms both in the mountains, but also in the middle of the city. All you have to do is look. Or you can choose to have a permanent one at home if your husband does not move out when he heard your request or if you live alone in your rented apartment. Any way, it’s a good idea either for a night or for longer, especially around such celebrations as Valentine’s day.

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