Heart Bookends

Nowadays people read books less and less frequently and they only have bookcases in their home because they inherited them from their parents or because the books look nice, especially if they have some well designed leather covers. But you can still have a few books that are written in a field of interest for you and in this case you will keep them on a bookshelf. Of course you will need something to lean against them in order to keep them standing and these are bookends. These bookends can also be used as nice decorative objects that add a plus of personality to your living room. These Heart Bookends are perfect, for you or as a gift for someone close to you, especially now when it’s already February and we are so close to Valentine’s Day.

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These bookends are shaped like two beautiful hearts and they can be a way of telling your love. They are hand made and carved of stone, red and shiny, beautiful and very simple in design at the same time. Just place them at each end of a row of books and you will have the perfect accessory for a bookshelf anf the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in one piece. If you want to keep them shiny, just wipe them with a dry, cotton cloth.The set of two such bookends can be purchased for $19.99.