HEALTH CLINIC with a hygienic look

This building serves as a skin care clinic providing health care facilities for the community.  Art deco style is incorporated in this modern building.  There are strong vertical elements that can be seen on the wall blades between windows, window height, and balcony railing lines.

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At the entrance, the glass box serves as a receiving room.  This commercial building is built of natural stone in the exterior giving it a professional look.  The building mass, which is distanced from the front side, avoids the bulky look.  The building looks very artistic when viewed from a distance.

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The city park in the front adds to the beauty of the front elevation of the building and gives a ceremonial impression.  At the drop-off area, the long covering gives a warm and soothing feeling apart from protecting from heat and rain.  High windows in four sides enable natural airing when required.  This clinic adheres to the various needs and demands of health facilities in Surabaya City, East Java.{ Pictures Fernando Gomulya and design HMP Architects }