Headboard Storage – A Simple And Smart Space-Saving Idea

When it comes to storage, I always think that it’s better to come up with some clever idea and hide the items in spaces which normally remain empty than to have a lot of furniture in the room. In the bedroom, for example, the décor should be as simple as possible. It’s not a room where storage should play an obvious role yet storage is not something you can ignore. So be clever and use the headboard for that.

White bedroom headboard storage
Shelves are very practical in the bed proximity as there’s always something that needs to be stored

Headboard storage is an excellent idea. Most beds also have headboards and, if your doesn’t, then the idea of also using it as a storage space should be enough to convince you to get one. But what exactly does headboard storage mean… Well, it means you can store things either inside the headboard or on it or that you can reconfigure the headboard so that it also includes some storage space.

Headboard book storage
If you like to read in bed, then you’ll love this design idea
Modern bedroom headboard storage
Built-in storage compartments are great space-savers and excellent extra storage spaces
Custom bed amazing views
There are also lots of other clever storage solutions for the bedroom besides the headboard
Bedroom with headboard storage bed
The headboard is also a nice space where you can display things
Headboard with lamps
Although there’s no actual storage in this headboard, the design is very practical
Alcove bed
The headboard can also be a sort of mantel on which to store and display things
Headboard storage wood
There’s also lots of storage space on the sides of the headboard
Upstairs bedroom
You can combine a headboard and a bookcase and you’ll get something like this
Dark wood bedroom
A very simple and modern bedroom design with plenty of storage

A headboard can have shelves which can be used for storing and displaying things like the alarm clock, the phone, a lamp, a book, etc. It can also include closed compartments where you can store and hide personal things. There shelves or compartments can be inside the headboard just above the bed or they can be on the side of the headboard.

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