Painted Wooden Spoons Add Fun To The Kitchen

Wooden spoons can be as plain and boring as they can be useful. They’re really practical in the kitchen and we all use them. However, they’re not great lookers and that’s why we’ll show you a few ways in which you can make them look a bit more interesting and give them a cheerful and colorful design. In case you’re wondering how you can do all that, the answer is very simple: paint.


Obviously, you should never paint the entire spoon as paint can be dangerous when coming in contact with the food. You can, however, safely paint the handle without any worries. You should first take some painter’s tape and use it to create a line on the handle, defining the area that will be painted. Before you paint the handles you should lightly sand them. Then just paint them in any way you want. You can even create cute designs. In fact, kids would most definitely enjoy doing that for you. {found on landofnod}.

Dipped wooden spoons

Instead of regular paint, you can use plastic coating dip. You can see how this methods would work from the project featured on everydaydishes. You’ll need wooden spoons, plastic dip, a narrow jar and some short containers. First, clean the spoons with soap and water and let them dry. After that, dip the spoon handles into the plastic solution. To dry the paint, you can either hang them or place them upside down in containers. Let the spoons dry for about 30 minutes in between coats. The final coat will need about 4 hours so you might as well just let it dry overnight.

Plastic spoons dipped paint

Plasti dip was also used to customize the wooden spoons featured on thecraftedlife. All you need for a similar project is a set of spoons, the dip and a plastic cup. It will all be done in around 15 minutes. Get a narrow cup and put some dip inside. Then, obviously, dip the handle of the spoon in it and let it dry. Apply as many coats as you want.

Painted spoons perfect gift

Non-toxic craft paint is also great and wonderful for creating all sorts of cute and stylish designs and patterns. In addition to the paint you’ll also need painter’s tape, sandpaper, a brush and a set of wooden or bamboo spoons. Tape off the area of the handle you don’t want to get paint on and lightly sand the rest. You can then have fun painting the handles. A personalized set of wooden spoons can be a lovely gift for someone in case you already have them in your kitchen. You can check out talonsetbonbon for more inspiration.

painted bamboo spoons

When painting your wooden spoons you don’t necessarily have to use a single piece of tape and to then just dip the handle in paint. You can use tape in many creative ways to create patterns. You’ll find a nice example on momsandcrafters. Of course, you can come up with your own idea and even combine colors to get a unique look. You can also use tape of different dimensions to get the right look.

Ombre painted spoons

Another stylish option is to make ombre designs. For that, you should check out the tutorial provided on aburstofbeautiful. You’ll need wooden spoons, acrylic craft paint, sealant, a small paint brush and painter’s tape. After you tape off the handle of each spoon, apply a thin layer of paint start with the darkest color and then add white to get a lighter version. Repeat and apply layers to obtain an ombre effect.

Funny painted spoons

So painting the handles of the wooden spoons is perfectly safe and also really fun. But you can also paint the rest of the spoon if you want and turn it into a decoration. This would actually be a really nice project for the kids. You can let them paint faces on the spoons and give them each a funny look. It could be interesting to choose a theme and to make the spoons look like characters. Estefimachado offers a nice idea in this case.