Harvey Probber Stool

When I was a little girl I liked reading stories very much and I was fascinated by the pictures. One day I saw an unusual chair that looked just like this Harvey Probber Stool. Like I said, it has an unusual look, but I guess that was something regular in the past. Actually it is pretty interesting that this stool has no legs, but rather a curved support for the also curved seating. As you must have guessed, the author of this stool is called Harvey Probber and he created this piece of furniture back in the 1960s.

1This chair or stool looks just like an antique throne and it is made of mahogany. The mahogany wood is bent so as to have the shape that intrigues you and the parts are held together by brass pieces. It looks great with a new finish and is in excellent condition. It is still available for View in gallery