Happy New Year 2012:Our Last Post For This Year

As 2011 draws to a close and the new 2012 year begins for all of us around the world, I want to offer up my Happy New Year wishes and say “Thank You” to all who visiting the Homedit.com.

Perch glass lamp1View in gallery

This is the Perch lamp. It’s a beautiful, very simple and chic glass lamp with a beautiful design. You can buy it for only 55.97 euros and it will surely brighten your home and your day. It’s a small lamp and features a mid-century-inspired design. The Perch table lamp is made of blown glass and it’s great for desks, tables, nightstands or any other flat surface.

Perch glass lamp1

The Perch lamp is available in two different models. The lampshade is identical and so is the base but only in terms of shape and materials. The colors however differ. There’s one model that comes with a bright yellow base and a white shade and another one that has a transparent glass base and a beige lampshade. They both feature a blown glass base that can be painted either yellow or white or left clear.

Perch glass lamp1View in gallery

The Perch lamp also has polished nickel hardware and it includes a 13W compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). It has a rotary on/off switch and it measures 6.45’’ in diameter and 16’’ in height. It accommodates a 60W incandescent bulb that has to be purchased separately. Minimal assembly is required but it’s very simple and easy. The length of the cord is 72’’.It’s a small but very beautiful lamp that also has a versatile design that allows it to be included in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, entryways etc.