Happy Halloween! Mummy Loves You!

As everybody hurries for the latest preparations for the Halloween there is not too much time for sophisticated things that can help you decorate your house for this special event. The clock is ticking and everything must be ready on time. The wreaths from the doors, the special Halloween dishware, the decorative spiders and other scary items should be prepared and on the right spot. The costume is very important too as the sweets for the Trick-or Treaters who will knock from door to door.

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If you had not too much time this year for some special preparations and you still want to add some more decorative Halloween items here it is a great DIY project that is easy to make and will add a special color to your table.

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It refers to some funny DIY  Tabletop Mummies that can be made of a coated electrical wire and white fabric strips. The process is really simple, all you have to do is to make the frame out of the wire and then you need to cover it with fabric strips. As the wire is flexible material you can take advantage of this quality and make your mummies seating in different poses. Once they have been noticed they will become the centerpiece of your table.{found on bluevelvetchair}