Happiness derived from a renovated kitchen by Loop Design

A baby’s smile, a love declaration, a beautiful sun rise at the shore of the sea, opportunity to travel around the world and see incredible things ,the moment you find out that you become a parent or you decide to get married ,are special moments that make you happy and more accomplished. If you know to enjoy life and appreciate its every precious second you will have nothing to lose and you will find the happiness of being a human being.

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The owner of the Austin, Texas home, who is a neuroscientist, believes that happiness derives more from what we experience than from things. Thus, the architect Chirsty Seals of Loop Design renovated his house based on his passion for cooking and entertaining, taking into account his believes. The result was an explosion of color and brightness, especially in the kitchen area where everything seems to reflect joy and entertainment. Here the cheerful colors and the natural light that invades the entire place create a wonderful space which will definitely generate many happy moments.

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It is a large area where the fresh green nuances were used for walls and cushions while turquoise accents appear at the kitchen table, sofa and decorative items and underline more the freshness of this space. The light brown wood cabinets and shelves make this cooking area warmer and sweeter wile the steel surfaces or appliances add elegance and refinement. The glass balls from the light fixture that appears above the dining table creates a romantic and cheerful ambiance which will be perfect for any dinner that you can enjoy with your family or friends.{found on houseofturquoise}.