Handy pocket shower for outdoor adventures

For those who enjoy spending time in the middle of nature, the idea of shower is something not so pleasant, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Trips and outdoor adventures are fun and very exciting but proper cleaning seems to be a problem, since there are no shower cabins in the forest. But this problem can be easily solve now because someone has thought about it and has come up with a very ingenious idea: a pocket shower.

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It’s a portable shower that occupies little space and that when unfolded, can expand and turn into a waterproof storage able to hold up to ten litters of water at a time. Now you can have your own shower anywhere you go. The only problem is that the water is going to be cold and not that clean, unless you’re willing to carry 10 litters of water with you just for this purpose. But if you’re lucky and the sun is up high, the water will get warm and the shower will become a more pleasant activity.

Anyway, if you’re brave enough to go in an outdoor adventure in the first place, a little cold water shouldn’t scare you. At least you get to be clean. The pocket is very easy to use. Just unfold it and use a tree for support and voila, it’s done.And it’s available only for £14.99.