Handpainted Ceramic Plates from Mothology

Normally plates are used for eating. You just put some food there and serve it. So you can rarely see the design of a plate, maybe except some of the margins. But sometimes you have so beautiful plates that you can use them as decorative objects, too. These Handpainted Ceramic Plates from Mothology are the best example. They are so beautiful that you will be delighted to use them for both purposes. The ceramic plates you can find here, on Mothology are colourful and great, round but also square in shape, perfect for desert and also for fruit or for dinner courses.

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The thing I liked most about these plates is the wonderful combination of colours. You are surprised to see blue and yellow and white, all on the same plate, which also contains some red spots every now and then. It is not too much and they all look great together. The floral motives are place next to the geometrical ones, completing the whole design in a very pleasant way. The plates come in different sizes and you can choose them as you wish or need, so it is only normal to have them available for different prices. For example a small and square lotus plate can be purchased for $40 and the bigger ones for $70.