Handmade kids furniture

Kids love to play and to be free and happy. They don’t want to grow up and be adults, with worries and stress. And why would they? It’s such a beautiful age. Everything is so small, cute and colorful. They have their own toys, colorful furniture and drawings on the walls…it’s little kids paradise.

Chairs for Kids

And since they love to have everything made on their size, here’s a piece that they would absolutely love. Actually, there a multiple options for you to choose from. Chairs or stools made especially for kids. They are handcrafted from sturdy acacia wood and then hand-painted in natural tones enhanced by wood stain and glossy wax polish.You can choose from a variety of themes like a bear, a hippo, a soccer ball, basketball, butterflies or lions, depending or your kids preferences. A cute little chair for cute little kids, a perfect match.This funny chair kids it’s available for 147$.