6 Homemade Coffee Tables With Wooden Tops

A coffee table is one of the things you could easily build yourself if you wanted to. Consider the classical approach: a simple table with a wooden top. There are plenty of things you can customize about such a piece of furniture. For example, you can give it any type of legs you want. The wooden top can be customized as well.

Wooden coffee table you can do yourself

Put a bunch of wood boards together to make a coffee table that looks similar to the one on Abeautifulmess. You’ll need to cut the boards to size to make the frame. As you can see, they are stacked and have different lengths for an overall asymmetrical design. The hairpin legs suit the table well.

X leg coffee table

A coffee table with an X leg base is a classic. The design is versatile and can suit a variety of styles. You can control the look you prefer for the table by selecting an appropriate top. An interesting example is the project featured on Madincrafts where such a table was fitted with a top made from an old wooden crate.

DIY coffee table from recycled pallets

A simple method for building a coffee table is by using a pallet or some reclaimed wood. The first step is to remove the boards of the pallet and to cut them with a saw at an angle. Then you can stain them. After this, place them on a piece of plywood and put together the table. Remember to also attach the four legs. {found on themerrythought}.

DIY hairpin coffee table

You can build a very stylish and chic coffee table out of a wood panel and four hairpin legs. You’ll also need some screws and washers as well as stain and a clear coat. You can find the process described on Ellavine together with step by step instructions on how to put together all the pieces.

Sawhorse Coffee Table

For a rustic look, build a sawhorse coffee table. You’ll need some kiln dried lumber, studs, screws and some stain if you want to change the color. On Rogueengineer you can find a detailed description of how such a project would be created from top to finish. First you build the top and then you screw on the legs, forming the sawhorse design.

Book coffee table

Coffee tables with custom quirky features are the most interesting kind. A really fun idea is offered on Instructables. Check out how to make a coffee table with a world map on it. You’ll need a saw, a drill, a sander, a wood-burning tool and, of course, some umber. You can use reclaimed wood if you want to give the table a rustic touch.