How To Make A Wall Display Using A Simple Jar Or Bottle

Both Mason jars and glass bottles can be extremely versatile when it comes to DIY projects and repurposing in general. One interesting project you can make using either one of these things is a decorative wall sconce or perhaps an organizer. You can combine the jar or bottle with a variety of other materials in order to get the desired look or style.

Take recycling to a new level

A wonderful idea is to take recycling to a new level by following the design suggestions offered on sweetpeachblog. Here you can find out how to pair reclaimed wood and jars or bottles in order to make beautiful wall sconces/ vases. You can display these in pairs and create a geometrical look or individually.

Wood slice and mason jar house number

You can even craft a wall sconce that has a double function. The idea comes from diycandy where you can find out how to make a house number sign using a wood slice and a mason jar. You’ll also need a hose clamp and vinyl numbers. The burlap is just for décor.{found on diycandy}.

Mason jar garden wall planter

Two or more jars can be used together to make a wall-mounted planter or vase display. You’ll need a piece of wood onto which to attach the jars using clamps. First you secure the clamps to the board using small nails, after which you can feel free to customize the whole thing using paint. {found on thenextbird}

Reclaimed wood and mason jar wall organizer

A similar idea can be adapted for a single Mason jar. In this case you can position the wood board vertically and you can display the jar vase at its center. Since there will be some extra space at the bottom, you can also add another decoration or maybe a hanger if, for example, you plan to use this piece in the kitchen or entryway. {found on mysocalledcraftylife}.

Mason jar wall flower vase

There are many interesting and useful ways in which you can use such a simple accessory. For example, you can use the jar as a vase and simply put for fresh flowers in it but you can also use it as a storage container for kitchen utensils or as a candle holder. The versatility lies in the simplicity of the project and you can find out more about it on Thehambyhome.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

We mentioned that jars can also be sued as organizers so let’s take a look at a project that shows you how to achieve that. Using a wood board and several Mason jars attached with metal clamps you can create an organizer for your office supplies or for the bathroom, kitchen or any other space. The entire project is described on Thediyplaybook.