Hand Made Engraved Crystal Lighting by Atelier Areti

The difference between the interior design of two homes is always made by the details. The original and unique decorative pieces or pieces of furniture will make them distinct and attractive.

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Lighting is an important part of the interior design of a house. It will create the specific ambiance that you would like to create depending on the design that you choose for this piece. The design of a lamp will always influence the amount of light and the atmosphere that will bring in interior. It depends on only your tastes and preferences whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere, a space full of light and brightness or a private area.

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If you love original and hand made pieces here it is the hand made Engraved Crystal Lighting designed by Atelier Areti.

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These elegant and delicate crystal lamps are made of hand engraved, mouth blown glass, with milled aluminum detailing and a thin fabric cable. Hand made in Sweden, the lighting is equipped with dimmable halogen bulbs.

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The offer is generous as it is available in two sizes and five different design patterns so that you can choose those which are appropriate to your tastes and needs. Imagine what a wonderful elegance and beautiful light will bring these gorgeous crystal lamps into your house!