Hammocks – very relaxing and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

Everyone knows how incredibly relaxing and comfortable hammocks can be. Not everyone has one, but whenever you visit someone that does, everyone wants to take turns using it. Hammocks are incredibly versatile and, even though most people think they’re only good for outdoor use, in reality they can also look great when used indoors.

A cozy loft inside a former radio factory1View in gallery
In a modern living room, a hammocks creates a casual atmosphere

Hammocks were originally developed by native inhabitants of central and south America and, at that time, they were used for sleeping. Later they became popular on ships and were used by sailors because of their space-saving qualities. They were also used by explorers or soldiers for the same reasons and because they were easy to carry. Nowadays we use them for relaxation and we often identify them with summer because that’s when they are usually used.

Kids room hammockView in gallery
Hammocks are also great for the children’s room as they are safe, relaxing and fun
Hammock roomView in gallery
When used indoors, a hammocks is usually a striking appearance in the décor

There are several different styles of hammocks and each one has distinct characteristics as well advantages and disadvantages. Hammocks also come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, colors and sizes. Most types of hammocks we use today feature similar forms and designs but they differ greatly in construction and materials used.

Porch hammockView in gallery
Hammocks look beautiful on patios and they also serve as an extra seat
Attic hammock roomView in gallery
In an attic bedroom, a hammock can be a great addition that would make the room feel even cozier
Outdoor hammockView in gallery
When installed on a porch or terrace, a hammock is the perfect place to admire the views from
Porch hammock1View in gallery
Outdoor patios or terraces are also perfect spaces for installing hammocks

It’s common for people to also use hammocks indoor. This is mostly seen in modern and contemporary homes, where the idea is to create a casual and relaxing environment that’s also striking and unique. It’s common for hammocks to be installed in living rooms or bedrooms. They look particularly charming in attic homes. Of course, hammocks are also used outdoors. They are typically installed on patios, terraces as well as in gardens where trees can be used as support structures. They look charming by the pool or in a space that offers beautiful views. We have selected a series of beautiful designs of both indoor and outdoor spaces that feature hammocks.

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