16 DIY Yard Decorations for The Scariest House Award

Halloween is basically about two things; the thrills and the candy. If you live in an area where you get Trick Or Treaters on Halloween night, it’s probably pretty important to have your house looking a little ghostly. But don’t stop your decor at the front porch! Having a front yard means you get extra space for Halloween decorating and there are lots of ideas that you can make yourself with a little effort and some red paint. Take a look at these 16 DIY yard decorations and you’ll win the Scariest House Award for the neighborhood.

DIY swing ghost

Sometimes a simple white ghost can do wonders for front yard decorations. Hang a simple sheet on your front yard’s tree swing and watch as the hallowed breezes bring your phantom to life. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Pumpkin head scarecrow

Scarecrows might seem a bit common but there are plenty of scary stories that feature them. Give yours a grinning pumpkin head and your yard will be ripe for mischief. (via The Legend of Sleepy Hallow)

Painted tomb stones

With a little wood and some paint, you can turn your front lawn into a cemetery in no time. Don’t forget to follow the DIY to light up your headstones so the neighborhood can see them in the moonlight. (via Celtic Mommy)

DIY PVC spider

This creepy spider is mostly made of PVC pipe, which you might even have in your shed right now. Just imagine setting this guy in the front bushes or on a stringy web by the mailbox. (via Halloween Forum)


Bags of bones are one of the cheapest things in the Halloween aisle. Grab one and arrange the pieces in a wheelbarrow full of dirt for an unearthed grave effect. (via Home BNC)


Do you have a pond in your front yard? Put some glow sticks in white rubber gloves, blow them up and sink them under the water. It will give your pond a Dead Marshes look. (via Flickr)

Cauldron witches backyard

Nobody minds a bubbling cauldron on Halloween. Once you create this beauty, you’ll want to stash it away someplace safe for next year because your house will become known as the place where the witches live. (via This Old House)

Floating little ghost backyard

Some neighborhoods are more for the family friendly crowd, but that doesn’t put you out of the decorating game. Add some little floating ghosty friends to your lawn that only promise fun and laughter. (via Practically Functional)

DIY zombie dolls for backyard

Time to take a trip to the second hand store and pick up the most mangled baby dolls you can find. Then just use a Sharpie to turn them into creatures that look like the nightmare version of Toy Story. (via Minimalisti)

Cimbing wall Skeleton

The best scary movies always feature the bad guy or horrific creature just at the corner of your eye. Have some skeletons climbing up a corner of the house for the same effect and trick or treaters will be certain that they’re up to no good. (via Wood Smoke and Pumpkins)


Looking for a last minute DIY? Use wood or even a roll of black paper to put a ghostly silhouette on your garage door. It’s the perfect way to greet the trick or treaters and will probably end up all over Instagram. (via Instructables)


There aren’t too many things more unnerving than a fresh grave. You can make one for your yard with a beach towel so there will be no trace of dead grass and dirt come November first. (via Aidtopia)

Sunbathing skeletons

Live in a place that doesn’t really feel like Autumn? Have your skeletons propped in lawn chairs because there’s nothing so California appropriate as sunbathing bones. (via Helpful Homemade)


I almost passed by this project, but with the zombie craze lately, it kind of makes sense. This zombie pit can be placed in your front yard or on your driveway. Bonus points if you include speakers with groaning and moaning sounds. (via Instructables)

Chicken wire person

Chicken wire is such a perfect crafting medium because it is easy on the wallet. Craft a shape and paint it white for the best ghostly figure a person could wish for. This is where you make a lady in a wedding dress and bust out your crying woman sounds. (via This Old House)


Are you a candy scrooge on Halloween? Craft this scary looking iron gate around your front yard and you can bet that no trick or treaters will even try to ring your doorbell. (via Stolloween)