Halloween Inspiration: 5 Easy And Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

It’s always fun to get ready for Halloween, to decorate the house and the outdoors and to pick costumes. And, as we all know, too much work and effort are no fun at all so you need some easy ways to decorate for this special occasion.

Decorate the driveway.

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Give the driveway a festive look. Get a few pumpkins and place them near the trees or use them to decorate the flower beds. They don’t even have to be carved. You can send a message without getting messy.

The front door steps.

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Make a beautiful and bold display for your front door using pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colors. Mix them up and place them on the entrance steps. You can carve a few and give them funny faces to greet your guests.

Front door décor.

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Don’t forget about the front door. Use scrap pieces of fabric and double-sided tape to give it a funny look. Give it eyes, a mouth and some hair and make it look like your favorite Halloween character.

Table centerpieces.

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Make your own centerpieces for the Halloween dinner. Get some hurricane glasses, some candles and a bag of candy corn. Put candy corn in the transparent glasses will they’re about half full and then place a candle in the center of each one.

Festive mantel.

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The mantel has to be decorated but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal. Get some thin tree branches and twigs, make a bat garland using black duct tape and a few other decorations like pumpkins or vases with black or red roses.